Through creative concepts, upscale, well-crafted sets, and our top-class technical and artistic implementation, we bring the world into the studio to realise your campaign. If you like, we will gladly take charge of every relevant task on your behalf. Prior to production, we can cater to the creation, storyboard, organisation, set building, art buying as well as the booking of models, for example. During and after the implementation process, we can take care of hair & make-up, styling, the photography and filming as well as image selection, post-production and data handling.

Storyboard, Creation

It all starts with an idea – and we have thousands of them! Working hand in hand with our customers, we develop the best motto, storyboards and moods – anything from Mexico or rock 'n' roll to a beach house or colour blocking.



From the building of sets to props, artwork and model bookings, our team of planners and project managers organises everything that goes into realising an impressive photo shoot campaign.

Set Design

Our design team works in close cooperation with our set builders to turn a studio in Bremen into a basketball or tennis court, the beach, an alpine landscape, or a dance club.


Set Building

A small cube or a fully-blown ski lodge: no matter what the requirement, our creative heads come up with, our set builders and carpenters literally turn dreams into reality.



Our hair, make-up and styling experts ensure that every single model has the perfect look and flawlessly represents how your collection wants to be presented.


With 4,500 square metres of studio space, our photographers and camera people can really cut loose. It's here that we also create emotional imagery and make marketing films – because nothing triggers more emotions.


Art Direction

Our creative team follows how things develop on the set, ensures that the brief and style guide are implemented, and makes an initial selection of promising images there and then.


In post-production, an experienced team focuses on the selection of images and choosing the frontrunners, as well as on retouching and photo editing to ensure that the final product perfectly matches what you had envisaged.


A winter's dream in a ski lodge to a tropical beach house – whatever the idea, our studio makes every idea possible. In close consultation with you, our customer, our in-house joinery and trades can turn all kinds of requests into reality – no matter how great or small.